Prices in Euros

Personal Debriefing Retreats, Family Debrief or Crisis Debrief - all inclusive (5 nights):

Adult Full Rate:

With Volunteer Mission discount:

Anyone working for a volunteer mission (not receiving salary) is automatically allowed the Volunteer Mission discount.

Children's Rates - all inclusive (5 nights):

Full rate

Discounted rate


How & When to Pay (all debriefs):

There are no fees to pay in advance but if you cancel at short notice (less than 30 days), we may ask you to pay 50% if we are unable to fill your place. You may pay during your stay by one of the following methods:

Sorry, we are unable to accept credit cards. If you are not paying in Euros, we will calculate the exact CHF price based upon the exchange rate of the day.

If your mission agency prefers to be billed, please fill out the appropriate information on your application form so we can bill them before you arrive.

A bank transfer may be made directly into our account as follows:

Important: Please add 25 Euros to any bank transfer from outside the EU.