Frequently Asked Questions about Debriefing

I keep trying to call, but no one answers the phone. Is there a time when I can talk to someone?

Sorry, we don't have anyone full-time available to answer the phone. If you leave a message on the machine, we will get back to you. Otherwise, you might have slightly more success if you try between 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

What languages do you debrief in?

Personal Debriefing Retreats and Crisis Debriefs are offered normally in either English or French. However, it may be possible to be debriefed in Dutch, as well. This must be arranged in advance and is only possible if the right people are available. However, everyone needs a basic knowledge of English for the group sessions.

Will you accommodate my diet preferences?

We seek to serve healthy, delicious meals. Normally, we have enough choice on the table that anyone can find enough to eat. There's always lots of vegetables in case you prefer not to eat whatever main course is being served. (It's easy to avoid carbohydrates or cheeses because there are so many options and fresh fruit is available all day long.) Unless you have a serious allergy (like nuts) that the kitchen needs to avoid, you don't need to let us know about your diet preferences ahead of time. We are confident you will be satisfied with our menus.

Can I stay extra days?

No, we are not set up to cater to people on the weekends. We need to give our own team the rest they need in order to serve those coming the following week. We encourage people to find a hotel if they would like to stay in the area longer. (If you want to stay on the French side of the border, you can search the internet for Hotels in the vicinity of Gex, Divonne, Ferney Voltaire. Otherwise, Geneva for the Swiss side of the border.)

Can I bring my friend(s) with me when I come for debriefing?

This is generally not a good idea because this is a time for you to focus on yourself and the Lord, and while we may enjoy your friends, they can also be a distraction to the process the Lord has for you while you are at Le Rucher.

Can I bring my dog, my cat, my. . . .

Sorry, we do not allow any pets in the guest facilities. You are more than welcome to enjoy our cat.

Should I arrange to take a taxi from the airport since it is so close?

Not a good idea. Last we heard, it cost 1 guest $100 for a taxi to Le Rucher (crossing the border automatically raises the price). We are more than glad to pick you up. Just be sure we know when you are arriving.

Are there shops within walking distance of Le Rucher?

That all depends on your definition of "walking distance"! We are on the edge of a residential district with homes on one side and farmland on the other 3 sides. The nearest shops (a few small ones) are about half an hour walk. A large supermarket is about a 10 minute drive away (6.5 km).

Where should I fly to get to Le Rucher?

Fly into Geneva, Switzerland. We are only a 20-minute drive from the airport. Switzerland is now a Schengen country, so if you have a visa for France, you do not need one for Switzerland. Please DO NOT take the French exit from the airport. We expect everyone to "follow the crowd" and meet us on the Swiss side of the airport. For driving instructions see the Facilities section of this website.

Is there internet access at Le Rucher?

Yes, we have one computer dedicated for the use of guests to get on the internet, free of charge. Otherwise, we have wireless capability for those with their own computer.