Le Rucher - The Centre

For many years, Erik and Jeltje Spruyt had a dream to care for missionary personnel. They witnessed missionaries going into places in the world where no one really wanted to go. They came face-to-face with poverty, violence and situations very hard to digest, emotionally and spiritually.

"At Le Rucher we consider these missionaries our heroes. The establishment of Le Rucher in 1994/95 is our dream come true, a place where missionaries can be refreshed in their calling in God and remain effective to serve in those difficult places. So we have created a place of retreat for people who know they want time aside with God to process their situation before going on."

Le Rucher in summerThis is a place to relax, laugh and cry together, pray together, pick up the pieces and go on. We have Jeltje to thank for developing Le Rucher into a place of comfort and beauty and maintaining a warm, family atmosphere.

The house is a former hotel, beautifully situated at the base of the Jura Mountains in France. Missionaries, living in community on site and volunteers, living locally, staff the center. We welcome missionaries and aid workers from many different organizations and are truly interagency.

Le Rucher is a delightfully renovated retreat center situated on two hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds, tucked into the foothills of the French Jura mountains.  Spectacular views of the Jura behind, and Mont Blanc (the highest snowcapped mountain in Western Europe) to the front, add their own special beauty to the peaceful atmosphere of this rural farming community.  A convenient fifteen-minute drive from Geneva airport, railway station, and motorway intersection makes Le Rucher an easily accessible option for workers returning to Europe or in transit to North America.