Upcoming Opportunities:

Basic Debriefing Seminar
7-10 December, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia

Crisis & Trauma Response Seminar
19-23 October 2015

2015 Personal Debriefing Retreats:
23-28 August
27 Sep - 2 Oct
22-27 November
6-11 December

Debriefing Retreat in the US:
9-14 August (N. Carolina)

Debriefing Retreat in the Netherlands:
7-11 December

Welcome to Le Rucher Ministries

We hope you will enjoy seeing who we are and what we are doing in the areas of Member Care, Ethnic Reconciliation and Community Development.

We invite you to join us in discovering how integrating these three very different ministries has enabled us to provide a more wholistic and practical approach to caring for and equipping Christian workers, both at Le Rucher and on the field.