Upcoming Opportunities:

Personal Debriefing Retreats at Le Rucher
23-28 Apr
9-14 July (Family Debrief)
3-8 Sept
3-8 Dec

Basic Debriefing Seminar
28 May - 2 Jun, 2017
21 - 25 Aug, 2017

Crisis & Trauma Response Seminar
9 - 13 Oct 2017

Personal Debriefing Retreats in other Countries
Georgia, USA

Welcome to Le Rucher Ministries

Our Member Care services provide both routine debriefing and crisis debriefing for individuals, families or teams, brief counselling, and training courses.

Our Ethnic Reconciliation work includes running Healing & Reconciliation Workshops in war torn countries and in nations with a history of ethnic division. Our Kigali office is presently transitioning to a local Rwandan NGO called Rabagirana Ministries. Check out their website for further regional information: www.rabagirana.org

Our Community Development ministry involves training, consulting and finding resources for projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.